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If you’re a Republican running for office in a red leaning

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I also got to feel the power of a rip current and understand

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And sold a run to the right some more remember the Bills put

Paul in Power Line: President Obama’s inaugural address was, I think, quite good for what it was The speech was classic Obama the kind of fine sounding, frivolous fare in which the idea that we face specific trade offs is dismissed as cynicism, even as we’re told in the most general way of the need for sacrifice. If Obama believed his own rhetoric, it would be scary. But like most of his predecessors, he comes to office believing almost exclusively in himself a somewhat less frightening proposition.

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My anxiety tried to rob me of something today. It tried to rob me of a class and, more importantly, time paid for services rendered. For whatever reason, my anxiety was screaming when I logged in for my class. You might think you know what songs to play but even a professional wedding DJ does not know until the night. Each and every wedding is different and what you think might work might be terrible. It’s great to come up and make requests, but don’t treat the DJ like a jukebox, let them weave their magic and relax and enjoy the night.

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“The aim, Democrats said, was to draw attention to the secretive process Republican leaders are using to craft their bill and argue that the GOP proposals would hurt Americans,” Sean writes. “The Democrats lack the power to prevent a vote and they don’t have the numbers to defeat a bill without Republican defections. So they are focusing this week on nonbinding protests.”.

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Think of your body like a car. If you put cheap gas in your vehicle there is a good chance moved here that your automobile will run slow and may even break down. I use this analogy with the athletes I work with because I think it gives them a clear image of what can happen when you put poor fuel into an engine.

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